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I thought about his zest for life as he ran through the agility obstacle course or practically flew through the air trying to catch a bird in flight.


I repeated those words over and over again. Who was I talking to? Was anyone listening?


It was all my frantic mind and broken heart could say.

Jill's Story


I had been driving to work when the call came in on my cell. The veterinarian in Rochester, New York said that the biopsy results were conclusive. My beautiful, vibrant border collie had a rare form of inoperable cancer. A large tumor was growing on his larynx. She said he wouldn’t be able to survive surgery to remove his larynx and they wouldn’t be able to get clear margins by trying to remove only the tumor. They were very sorry and would do whatever they could to keep him comfortable until his transition, which was just a matter of time. Her words pierced my heart, my soul. No. I was not going to lose my dog! He was only 7 years old. 

A marvelous young doctor at the animal hospital in Ithaca, New York gave me an element of hope. He told me that radiation treatments might give him a few more months, maybe even up to one year. I hesitantly believed that the treatments might be a beginning, but I knew they alone would not be enough to save his life. The prognosis on the consent form that I was required to sign was left blank. His chances were slim to none. I refused to allow the nauseating fear paralyze me. A “voice” kept pushing me forward.

What voice?

I knew, somehow I knew, there was something out there that would help him, but I didn’t know what it was. Exhaustive soul searching and research led me to an internet site about Reiki. What was Reiki? They defined it as an ancient Japanese form of healing. I didn’t know it then, but I had just found my answer.

That was years ago. The voices that had propelled me forward, the ‘whispers from within’ that guided me to Reiki were heard at last. And Skye lives today – vibrant, loving, and brimming with health! When I came to know that he needed daily Reiki treatments after his diagnosis, I began Reiki training. Skye had 19 radiation treatments while in Ithaca and daily Reiki treatments with me, hands-on when he was home and distant Reiki when he was there. The doctors called him a miracle dog. He not only survived, but he didn’t have a radiation mark on him. How was that possible? They asked if they could document and publish his case. Of course I said yes, but told them there was something they needed to know: Reiki helps to heal all living things.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawaken"

- Anatole France

Jill's Journey

Jill Renée Buckman is an Animal Healer and Communicator. She is also a Reiki Master who has had a passion for animals since childhood and a prevailing desire to help them. She was naturally drawn towards dogs as a child and has always felt a deep connection with all animals. When her dog was diagnosed with a rare form of inoperable cancer, she began her journey learning about and offering the powerful, yet gentle, spiritually guided Reiki energy to help to heal him. Jill was hospitalized with a severe case of salmonella food poisoning not long afterwards. While in isolation in the acute care center of a hospital, her own chances on the line, she questioned what she would do if given the chance.

For most of the past decade, Jill’s career working with breast cancer patients had been a very rewarding one. She has a bachelor’s degree, and received certifications as a lymphedema specialist and in mastectomy fitting.

Beginning her training at a major hospital and later managing a mastectomy boutique, she helped women to feel whole again after having a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or reconstructive surgery by providing emotional support, counseling and expertise in precise garment fittings.


But while in the hospital that day she thought about her dog and how Reiki, the truly miraculous spiritually guided energy had given him a second chance to live. Nothing could compare with that. She continued her training in the use of essential oils and in using crystals and crystal grids for personal growth and healing. She is trained in chakra balancing, clearing techniques for self and for the environment, and self-balancing techniques including tuning forks, toning, energy field corrections and Jin Shin Jyutsu. She also completed training's in sound healing techniques, energy healing techniques, including polarity holds and releases, therapeutic touch techniques and Japanese healing techniques. She is also a dowser, most often using a pendulum for receiving guidance.

As she was continually guided, actually propelled, to go forward, she realized her true path in life was offering Reiki to animals and their people. She launched her own business in 2012 called Whispers from Within to give each client the best possible healing for their highest good, bringing to each a sense of peace and calm. To this day, Jill continues her Reiki studies and was attuned (again) by Reiki Master Dr. Patrick Tersigni in November 2021. Hawayo Takata (attuned by Dr. Hayashi who was Mikao Usui’s number one disciple) brought Reiki from Japan to the United States in 1936. Dr. Tersigni was attuned by her in her first class on American soil. Jill felt the power of her Reiki attunement through this direct lineage to Usui Sensei, the founder of the Usui System of Natural Healing. Reiki is unconditional love through which healings occur. Jill’s passion is to offer this Reiki energy to all who come to her in need.

In June of 2022, Jill was introduced to LifeWave patches. Based on spiritual guidance and testimonials, she decided to use these patches on Bodhi to boost the healing energy of Reiki.  LifeWave is a company that provides the world with patented technology, backed by clinically studies and 20 years of development, that dramatically improves all aspects of health and well being. The LifeWave X39 patch activates and mobilizes the body's stem cells, which can help support the natural wound healing process and immune function. The patches also elevate antioxidants, manage inflammation, stimulate the production for collagen and more. Bodhi has been using these patches since the beginning of June 2022 and positive results are evident.


Jill currently lives in Rochester, New York with her husband, Hank and their five pets: Shiloh, Sadie, Bodhi, Colby and Sophie.


Introducing Shiloh

In Skye’s loving memory, Shiloh joined Whispers from Within in 2014. She is a Golden Retriever who instinctively knows the work that is required of her. Following in Skye’s footsteps is an awesome task, but Shiloh fulfills her responsibilities with joyful compassion.

Golden Girl Shiloh earned her ‘Canine Good Citizen’ certification in May 2017 and a became Certified Therapy Dog 2018.


She is a passionate healer and my high-spirited partner.

Shiloh At Work


Say Hello To Bodhi

Bodhi was hanging onto life by a thread when I met him. He had suffered a traumatic brain injury shortly after birth and at 3 weeks old was no longer able to eat or drink. His vet said there was nothing that could be done for him and the kindest thing to do would be to euthanize him. His compassionate breeder, however, refused to give up hope and reached out to me. 

Bohdi started drinking as soon as his first reiki session was finished. I offered healing sessions to him every five days until we was 8 weeks old. As his healing continued, the breeder placed him in my arms and said that there could be no better permanent home for him than with me. 

Bohdi is now a thriving 3 year old. He is the embodiment of pure joy and unconditional love. His physical and mental health continue to improve. Whether it is a pet or a persona that needs healing, he makes sure they know they are cherished and worthy. 

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